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If you're looking for Unlimited 4G Data and an equipment package that is suitable for home/business & travel then contact us today via our contact form at the bottom of this page.  Air Internet match customers with the cheapest & highest data offering sim with our equipment bundles, enabling you to swap from a slow ADSL or Fibre connection (overloaded exchanges) to a 4G Home Broadband/ Business solution quickly and easily.  There are some unique benefits to buying your equipment from Air Internet that are difficult to replicate with the main benefit being an un-throttled internet connection.  Buying direct from the network can appear good but when your speed suddenly drops to 2mbps and your in a 24 month contract that you can't get out of..... not so good.

Did you know that with an Air Internet installation you can have internet throughout any large property without the need for ethernet cables? (your internet signal is carried throughout your household wiring).


Did you know that with an Air Internet package and recommended Unlimited Data sim you can enjoy super fast, super reliable 4G Home Broadband with no line rental? 

We have an enthusiastic customer base who want to cut chords with the traditional broadband suppliers and are looking for a cheaper, faster, more flexible alternative that is very easy to set up.  We offer three popular 4G Home Internet/ 4G Home Broadband self installation package bundles, suitable for home/travel and business without compromise.  Everything you need arrives in one box pre-configured, with simple easy to follow instructions (With package 3 your networks are already synchronised with one name and one password).  

For the home you get multiple networks with almost identical download/upload speeds no matter how big your property.  For travel our Air Internet router is small enough to be unplugged and carried in purse/bag/top pocket etc.  For business; never be dependent on a hotels internet connection to get your work done ever again.  You can enjoy portable unlimited 4G data, with unlimited 4G tethering throughout your home with no blackspots, no isp throttling your speed, no need for ethernet cables and no time wasted trying to get everything to work!  Insert sim card, plug everything in the correct order and you'll have internet.

- Unlimited 4G Data (an option sim dependent)

- Unlimited tethering (an option sim dependent)

- No tethering limitations (an option sim dependent)

- Throttling protection (network dependent; no slowing down)

- Built in firewall

- Log into your router and you can send and receive text messages, useful when you’re at work and on the move

- Works with all games consoles

- Works with Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV, Sky Now TV and other smart applications

- Special applications; Configure parameters to allow the operation of special applications, such as online games, video conferencing, or IP phone,over the LAN

- SIP ALG; the SIP application can run and communicate with other Internet applications

- UPnP; The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) service allows intelligent connection between two UPnP devices using port forwarding. UPnP devices can obtain IP addresses automatically and access the Internet dynamically

- NAT settings; Cone & Symmetric options

- LAN IP filter; Filter packets depending on rules chosen

- High Quality android based firmware compatible with mac or pc


- Everything is pre set up for you by us prior to dispatch; equipment is pre-paired and configured for you

- Established seller

- We dispatch via Royal Mail special delivery which requires a signature  

- Perfect for Home & Business

- No need for an antenna fixed to the outside of your property with our MiMo antenna in 'Very Good' signal areas (plug in and place on desktop)

- Unplug and take with you anywhere; Lithium long life battery (removable so can be replaced in the future)

- Amazingly stable connection in all weather conditions from up to 3 Wifi Networks spread out through your home (Package 3)  

- Additional networks are as fast as the main network thanks to super fast ethernet ports & powerline technology (Package 3) 

Upon request we can provide a fixed cost installation service available across the UK although our self installation packages are far more popular:

Installation and Equipment visit:  £Negotiable please ask for a quote.  Installations are tailored packages to your specific requirements.


Why not have a go at installing the equipment yourself?  If you have a strong 4G signal during our preliminary checks, you can take advantage of the cheapest option:  

Equipment only + instructions starting from only £149 (Air Internet router + Wifi Extender + 12V adapter for car + instructions) up to £229 (all equipment).  You will receive the same quality products but minus our time and no home visits. 14 day peace of mind return window.  Free Special Delivery tracked and signed for postage.  Contact us today for more information on our self installation packages.  When you’ve picked your desired package we will send a Paypal Merchant invoice to your email.  The ongoing cost is £49pm* approx depending upon your choice of sim card.

Email:  enquiries@airinternet.co.uk or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  

We love the internet

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With Air Internet 4G Home Broadband you can expect to stream your favourite TV shows without buffering.  Free yourself from traditional internet service providers line rental charges, lack of portability, slow speeds and mysterious ever inflating bills.

Industry Beating Prices

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Imagine swapping your traditional service provider, with all its wires, terrible 6mbps connection (or similar), high prices and numerous ethernet cables for a truly modern, truly wireless, Unlimited 4G Home Broadband (Unlimited 4G Home Internet/Unlimited 4G Data) alternative for £49 per month (approx) with no line rental.  Numerous customers of ours have swapped speeds of 6mbps or less for 50mbps +.  Imagine no more.

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