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My name is Pearce Harper and I created with the goal to help connect people to portable unlimited 4G home internet cheaper than anyone else.  To learn about our low cost self installation deals please click on the, ‘self install packages’ link at the top of this page.  We utilise cellular technology to bring you high speed unlimited 4G data internet at home and when you're travelling, but more than that we’re offering an exclusive unlimited data 4G Home/Travel Internet deal that isn’t available to buy anywhere else thanks to our specially modified router.  Your new PAYG/1 month/12 month sim will be with either O2, Vodafone, Three or EE.  

The initial idea of forming a 4G home broadband & travel installation company came to me in a traffic jam In 2014.  I was driving to Cornwall with my two young children and we ended up stuck near Bristol for 3 hours.  They had tablets and wanted to play their games but virtually all the games required an internet connection.  Since then I’ve kept a close eye on the 4G market and what is and what isn’t possible.

Upon request we can provide a fixed cost installation service available across the UK:

Installation and Equipment visit:  £749.  This includes a modified portable 4G router, blackspot eliminating wifi extender (with LAN port so you can connect to ethernet networks) and 12V USB adapter to power router on car journeys and a high performance external antenna.


Why not have a go at installing the equipment yourself?  If you have a strong 4G signal during our preliminary checks, you can take advantage of the cheapest option:  


Equipment only + instructions starting from only £249 (router + instructions) up to £329 (all equipment).  You will receive the same quality products but minus our time and no home visits. 14 day peace of mind return window.  Free Special Delivery tracked and signed for postage.  Contact us today for more information on our self installation packages.  When you’ve picked your desired package we will send a paypal invoice to your email.  The ongoing cost is £25pm* approx depending upon your choice of sim card.

Prefer to buy on ebay? (please note prices are higher on ebay due to commission owed)  

Direct link to package 1

Direct link to package 2

Direct link to package 3 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Please state the service your interested in and your post code (Installation & equipment; or equipment & instructions only).

Unlimited 4G data download speed

We love the internet

With unlimited 4G data streaming your favourite tv shows in ultra HD becomes a buffer free experience.  Being able to access unlimited 4G internet means you’ve the option to free yourself from traditional internet service providers and take your Internet everywhere you go.

Unlimited 4G data upload speed

Industry Beating Prices

Imagine swapping your traditional service provider, with all its wires, terrible 6mbps connection (or similar), high prices and numerous ethernet cables for a truly modern, truly wireless, fast, powerful and reliable alternative for £25 per month (approx) with unlimited data and no line rental.  Numerous customers of ours have swapped speeds of 6mbps or less for 30mbps +.  Imagine no more.  

Visit our eBay listings and see our feedback.

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