Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited 4G data FAQ

Which 4G provider do you partner with?

We have no official relationship with any network.  The equipment in our packages work with all UK network sim cards.  The cheapest Unlimited Data sim card offered by a major network costs £24pm (12 month contract) or £27pm (1 month contract). 

Unlimited 4G Data, really?

Well not quite there's a 1000GB limit per month, but it's effectively unlimited as you'll never need all that data.  Typically Home Broadband replacement data requirements range from 400 - 700GB.

Is the 'Unlimited Data' Guaranteed?

We offer that as an option, please contact us to request further information.

How long can I expect to receive unlimited 4G data?

You can expect to receive unlimited data for the duration of your contract or until the 4G provider changes it's offering. 

Do you provide the sim?

We sell the equipment, you order the sim card of your choice.

How does 4G compare against ADSL & Fibre?

In many cases, especially outside of the inner cities, 4G internet is faster than Fibre internet and is far superior to ADSL providing you've 'Very Good' 4G coverage.  There is a misconception that buffering and dropped connections might be an issue with 4G.  With a 'Very Good' signal and with our equipment this is a non issue, you will have stable fast internet you can rely on.

What difference does the external antenna make in package 3?

Whether you're in a location that has terrible 4G or really good 4G coverage the external antenna will make a positive difference to your bandwidth.  We've just upgraded the antenna that comes with package 3. Beating nearly a dozen other antennas on the market. Now package 3 in a 'Very Good' Signal area is better than ever and truly comparable to the expensive fibre broadband packages available elsewhere, but being cheaper/completely wireless/no contract necessary is of course way way better. In our tests the new antenna took the download speed in a 'Very Good' signal area from 16.22mbps download up to 62.1mb (and the antenna was placed on a table inside the home). 

Air Internet 4G performance chart

Air Internet 4G performance chart