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Frequently Asked Questions

Fast 4G Home Broadband

Which 4G provider do you partner with?

None, the equipment in our packages is configured to work with all UK network sim cards

Unlimited 4G Data, really?

Yes, depending upon the network chosen.  Typically Home Broadband replacement data requirements range from 400 - 700GB.

What brand and model of equipment comes with an Air Internet package?

Rather than discuss specifics we've a clear pricing menu viewable by clicking on 'custom order' and we look to make a fair profit on the services we provide.  All Air Internet packages contain high quality reliable equipment configured by us & ready straight out of the box (just insert sim card).

Is your router & wifi-extender/powerline compatible with a VPN?

Yes.  We personally recommend that use a VPN service for added privacy.  Nord VPN is highly recommended.  

How does Air Internet 4G compare against traditional wired broadband?

We believe air internet is better than ADSL, in many cases better than Fibre and we're eagerly awaiting 5G.  We plan to offer 5G equipment packages in the future but it will be sometime before coverage and price beat 4G.

With a 'Very Good' signal from your chosen network couple that with our equipment you will enjoy fully portable stable fast internet you can rely on.  Unplug, put it in your pocket and take with you anywhere.  You won't need to 'gift' data to your kids in the back of the car (recent EE advert), everyone can connect to your Air Internet router, never run out of data (i.e. Three Unlimited Data sim) and enjoy consistent high speed buffer free streaming.

What difference does antenna make in Packages 2/3?

Whether you're in a location that has terrible 4G or really good 4G coverage an  antenna will boost your signal strength.  We've tested dozens of antenna's and so know what works and what doesn't.  Choosing an expensive antenna that doesn't work can be a costly poor performing eye sore.  The external antenna with packages 2 or 3 is almost invisible hung out of a window or used inside the home it requires no installation.  

Speed Test; Air Internet 4G Home Broadband

Speed Test; Air Internet 4G Home Broadband