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 The prices below are accurate as of 30/04/2018.  We will endeavour to ensure updates to this page are made monthly.  Air Internet offer one of the lowest cost unlimited 4G broadband solutions in the UK.  We do little to no advertising, virtually all of our customers have come to us via word of mouth.  


Direct from EE:  200GB - £60pm *upfront cost of £99.  Portable (no)

Direct from Vodafone:  50GB - £30pm *upfront cost of £0.  Portable (yes) 

Direct from Three:  100GB - £29pm *upfront cost of £0.  Portable (no)

Direct from 02:  40GB - £30pm *upfront cost of £0.  Portable (yes)

Direct from Air Internet:  Unlimited Data  - £25pm *upfront cost of £219.  Portable (yes)  

 Air Internet equipment: modified & unlocked portable router (totally wireless), Netgear N300 (LAN port), Dual 12V LED Adaptor (What you will receive depends upon your package 1, 2 or 3).

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