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'Air Internet' is a term first coined in the US to describe mobile internet.  Air Internet has a bright future and as a prediction we believe that we are heading for speeds in excess of 1gbps in 5 - 10 years time which will make the fibre broadband much less attractive.  

Right now 4G Home Broadband is a true fibre competitor, yet rarely does it seem to get the praise it deserves (a huge leap forwards from 3G).  In the developing world Air Internet is enabling those with little opportunity to access education and assisting people in their business aspirations.  

Air Internet is also the name of our company.  From configuration to firmware to actually pre-pairing devices for you; benefit from the privacy afforded by mobile broadband, portability and speed.  Let us save you time and money with our 'plug in and play' self installations packages guaranteed to work straight out of the box. 4G Home Broadband review

Air Internet review

<-------------Genuine Air Internet 4G Home Broadband review 4G Home Broadband review

Air Internet review

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