What is Air Internet?

Air Internet commonly refers to any totally wireless internet usage.  3G, 4G and future unfolding forms of wireless internet delivery.  Air Internet is an exciting field which has a tremendous future as we are heading for speeds in excess of 1gbps.  Right now 4G Home Broadband is the fastest mobile alternative to fibre.  In the developing world Air Internet is transforming quickly the prospects of individuals in remote locations to engage in national and international commerce.  We believe in the next 10 - 25 years everyone will be swapping there traditional broadband service for Air Internet, potentially as soon as the next evolution of wireless internet delivery (5G).  

Air Internet is also the name of our company.  We are a small group of I.T. professionals with various specialisations, individuals passionate about the flexibility mobile wifi offers and we've put together some equipment bundles that an amateur would struggle to do without making costly mistakes.  From configuration to firmware to pre-pairing devices for you and recommending the best sim card for our equipment, we are unlocking the internets potential for amateurs and I.T professionals.  Our unique packages will continue to evolve with our team closely monitoring the changing developments in 4G LTE and 5G capability and at the forefront of our offerings will be solutions that save you time and money.

Our packages have proven popular, with our site ranking highly on google.  We've sold to home owners, businesses, boat owners, gamers, students, caravan owners.  We genuinely want to help those who are stuck without fibre as an option and ADSL giving them poor speeds of 8mbps download or worse.  As of 16/10/2018 we've upgraded all our packages and our new package 3 is the most suitable offering we've ever presented for sale who want more speed, more usability, greater coverage and minimal set up time.

Air Internet review

<-------------Genuine Air Internet 4G Home Broadband review

Air Internet review

Genuine Air Internet 4G Home Broadband review ------------->